Shower Head Testing

Recently, my family and I have been testing out shower heads for our customers. I had them installed in our home so all of us could see which ones we preferred. We based our reviews on the function, look, and durability of each shower head. My daughters were particularly eager to try out each one to see which they liked best.

After trying many different shower heads, we determined the best option — for less than $30. The Speakman Assana has 149 different sprays, with five additional unique spray patterns. This feature is perfect if you are living with people who prefer different settings.

As we’ve reviewed each shower head, an idea occurred to me. If you decide to have this one installed, Clearwater Plumbers would be happy to give you a free installation with the purchase of the head as an add-on to a regularly scheduled service call. We’ll keep a couple of these heads on the truck and honor the $30 Shower Head Special until Feb. 28, 2019.

Speakman Shower Head Special… FREE Installation Only $30!. Call 817-296-0670 or Email Us today for expert service.

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