Benefits of a Low-Flow Toilet

f you plan to upgrade or renovate your home’s bathrooms in the near future, have you considered installing a low-flow toilet? These bathroom fixtures can cut down on the gallons of water used in each flush and offer several other advantages compared to typical toilet options.

What Is a Low-Flow Toilet?

As the name suggests, a low-flow toilet minimizes the amount of water used per flush. Unfortunately, low-flow toilets earned a poor reputation when they first appeared many years ago due to efficiency problems; many owners found they needed to flush multiple times after some bathroom uses while other traditional models appeared more efficient. This is no longer the case as modern low-flow toilets are now the standard and some newer models offer a variety of options and consistent value. 

Modern Low-Flow Toilets

Unless you live in an older home with the original toilets installed before the 1990s, chances are good that your toilets are already low-flow models. However, there is always opportunity for upgrading to more efficient models with variable flush settings.

Variable flush or dual flush works by using different amounts of water for different flushes. Typically, the toilet needs less water to flush urine than solid waste, so a dual flush toilet will have different flush settings for each type of use. This helps to drastically cut down on water consumption in the home. 

Economic Benefit of a Low-Flow Toilet

The water bill is generally one of the least expensive utilities in a modern home, but that does not mean you shouldn’t try to save money on your water bills. The average family of four can save more than 22,000 gallons of water each year by using an efficient low-flow toilet; this can add up to hundreds of dollars saved on water bills each year for the average home. 

If you are interested in upgrading your existing low-flow toilet to a dual flush model or simply want to make your home more water efficient, Clearwater Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX can help. 

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